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How I finally achieved a meaningful new years resolution

One of my 2019 resolutions was to read at least one book per month. Now I can proudly say I read 22 books from start to finish in 2019. Before this I think I was reading maybe 1-3 books a year. (I’ll admit this post is a bit of a pat on the back for myself :))

How I finally achieved a meaningful new years resolution feature image Photo Credit: Omar Rodriguez

Git the most edited files in a project

This post was inspired from seeing multiple bugs coming from the same file in a project in a short period of time. I could easily see all types of code smells in this particular file. So I had a hypothesis, if I could find the most edited files in the repo I would likely find the files with the most technical debt i.e. most code smells. So I created a very simple powershell script to test my hypothesis.

How to create a zip in Xamarin Android

This solution is specifically for Android using Xamarin because I am using the Java.Util.Zip Class. This solution can just as easily be ported to Java.

Meta post

The purpose of this blog is to try and organize my thoughts and archive my personal tips, tricks, and solutions to every day problems.